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Accountants Bend

Bookkeeping Bend, OR, offers a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services designed to meet the needs of small and large-scale businesses. Because we cater to different clients, we know how to create a customized approach in solving unique problems and meeting diverse needs.

Here is a sample of what we can do for you:

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Accounting Services

 Bookkeeping Bend, OR provides practical accounting services specially designed for business owners. From helping a client start up a new venture to handling the books of an established company, we offer financial counseling born out of years of experience as well as personalized support to all our clients. We help you create an organized and comprehensive tax plan to reduce your tax burden, and we offer cloud-based accounting solutions so you can get 24/7 access to your records whenever you need it.

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Bookkeeping Services

We make sure that all your financial records are regularly updated and accurate down to the last digit. We can provide assistance with whatever you need: reconciling accounts, bill pay, and collections, balance your ledgers, and unlimited consultations. We can help you set up QuickBooks and even provide training and continuing technical support as you need it so that you can use the software to its fullest potential.

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Business Consulting

Managing a business does not end with having a balanced ledger. A business needs to have a strong, solid awareness of where it is at the moment and a crystal-clear path to where it wants to be. In order to do so, there needs to be a strategic and comprehensive plan that can provide guidance from start to finish to help your company reach its goals.

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Payroll Services

It may seem easy to organize and calculate your employees’ wages until it gets messy. It is time-consuming as you will do it manually, and if you get mistakes by missing some other information, you have to start again and fix it. Moreover, you need to have an indispensable knowledge about tax laws and other rules to apply it in doing your payroll correctly. But, when you are with us, you can let us handle your payroll as we will do it accurately and in line with the tax provisions. 

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Financial Services

It is essential to know where you can use your money properly and how you can use this in your business to keep the cash flow going. In this kind of service, we can help you plan your finances to maximize the opportunity you have in running your business. Proper budget plans should be made to keep your business moving and take it to another level.

We offer full-fledged business and management consulting, from strategic business planning to advise about cash management, financial projections, inventory controls, and compensation programs, to name a few.

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