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Running a business does not necessarily mean personally managing books, running payroll, or filing legal documents. In most cases, it means finding the right people to work with and trusting your company.

It is actually a good thing that technology allows people to work together regardless of their physical locations and differences in this digital age. It bridges several gaps and unites people in various ways.

Accounting is one of the many business tasks that can now be delegated to trusted and reliable third-party firms like us, Bend Bookkeeping and Accounting. We help lift loads of tedious and time-consuming works from an entrepreneur’s burden. We offer the same services in-house accountants can do, just with much more automation and finesse. Through the help of computer programs, codes, and software, all those manual labors of bookkeeping have been eradicated. More and more business owners are favoring virtual accounting because of the timely and accurate results we can deliver. Most importantly, all these exquisite outputs at a much more affordable price compared to when one builds an in-house team from scratch.

Bend Bookkeeping and Accounting

Our virtual bookkeeping services cover everything needed within a complete accounting cycle. You can either choose to outsource just a particular bookkeeping task or avail of our whole package. Regardless, we can guarantee you the same optimum results.

Outsource Bookkeeping: The Initial Step

Bookkeeping entails several tasks, from organizing your company’s files to filing legal contributions. The first step, however, is considered to be the most crucial one. Since the processes have been automated, end-results much rely on whatever data is fed to the system.

The data-gathering stage of our virtual bookkeeping can be done in three different ways.

Extracted Data

In this process, the business owners do the filtering. They collate all relevant data and pre-process all information before giving it to us. This is an excellent choice if you have some reservations because it is your first time working with any third-party firm or if data security is one of your biggest concerns.


Bend Bookkeeping and Accounting

Shared Database

This is the set-up that most of our clients prefer. Some companies provide the database themselves, but we offer our own safe and secure system in most cases. This shared database is where they dump the data directly for us to extract. This is efficient as all the works are being done simultaneously. Hence, you can expect more real-time outputs.

Raw Data As-Is

This process is mostly applicable to our long-term partners or the clients whom we have fully earned their trust. In this set-up, all data is handed raw. Meaning, receipts, invoices, statements, and other files or documents are given as-is for our virtual bookkeepers to sort out from scratch.

Regardless of what method you wish to avail of, what matters is that you are starting to see the value of task delegation. Entrusting your hard-earned company to other people could certainly be a bit hard, and we understand that. When done right, however, it could be the key to your business success. Entrepreneurship, after all, is never a one-person journey. It is meant to be shared and experienced with people of the same vision.